Therapeutic Information

DSN9164-2-MToday was my last day of physical therapy after my shoulder surgery two months ago.

The two months of visiting the therapist a couple times a week, along with daily exercises, has brought progress , but not without pain. The exercises and the stretching has been excruciating at times, but I also know the importance of getting the joint and muscles back in shape and stretched to normal limitations. The surgery was necessary to repair and remove problems that had developed. Therapy was necessary to restore previous loss and prevent further complications.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons through the experience and I could say a lot about the surgery and therapy; about leadership repairing situations, removing problems, restoring loss, and preventing complications. All great lessons with tremendous applications. But through this process the most important thing has been communication. As I went through the surgery and the therapy I knew the reasons for every step of the way. At no point was I left wondering ‘why?’ at any circumstance or situation. I knew what was being done and the reasons. I was included in all information, as well as decisions.

Great leaders keep people informed. They know that information is the most important ingredient to understanding and shared responsibility. They place a high priority on communication; the breadth and depth of information, and would rather risk too much than too little. Clear, accurate information is the necessary key to handling the responsibility of communication.

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