The Action Now Ability

DSN9164-2-MI heard a man talking and he was stating that he is a man who gets things done. He admitted that he has little compassion and is not a counselor, but when something needs to get done or be addressed he can make it happen. He is not reticent to approach a person that needs to be confronted on an issue and he is confident in his ability to evaluate situations and work out reasonable and agreeable solutions. His biggest frustration is when a situation looms in front of him that he has trouble overcoming or is unsure how to address; or of a resolution. But he will always take action.

Observing this person over a period of time, he is right in his self-estimation. He is extremely talented in his abilities and they are very important qualities in leadership. Great leaders are good evaluators and are also good at taking action. Although not all leaders feel confident in their ability to address problems, or problem people, it is a skill leaders develop and have available to them to use when necessary. Great leaders know how to confront situations and people, knowing that to resolve a problem quickly can often save time, effort, money and more significant problems in the future; addressing a problem when it occurs can save from escalating into a larger, more insurmountable problem.

Great leaders may not always feel confident in what they have to do, but they know the importance of taking actions to do what is necessary even if it is out of their comfort zone.

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