Presenting Your Presence

DSN9164-2-MThere were several people gathered and a disagreement arose with people trying to choose the best course of action. There were predominantly two voices describing the situation. One voice was loud, demanding; intimidating. The other calm and reserved. The first voice was animated but seemed spontaneous. The second, quietly articulated a plan of action. The two voices were very different in their points of view and in how they communicated what they believed to be right.

In the minutes that past, seeming like hours, it was clear that the first voice was growing louder and dissatisfied. There was frustration in the second voice, but it remained focused. The first voice seemed to become divided; strongly holding to its point of view, but also struggling to insure it would win.

The two leaders displayed very different actions. The first was loud and intimidating insisting on their way. The second calm and logical trying to understand and offer resolutions. At points the debate became so heated it seemed no solution would be reached; some swayed by the loud voice, afraid to disagree. Others convinced by the logic and calm of the second.

The resolution? Put yourself in the situation, who would you have followed? Which leader would you have been?

Great leaders have a strong presence, not necessarily the loudest voice.

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