Inutshuk Leadership

DSN9164-2-MWhile traveling on Victoria Island my wife and I came across and ‘inutshuk’; a pile of stones stacked to resemble a human body. Clearly visible are two legs, a body, arms and a head. The stones are stacked in such a way as to readily know it was no accident. There is a lot more to the history, but our first encounter and curiosity was answered by a person who told us that it was a practice of the Inuit Indians that notified other groups of safe passage.

When other bands of Native Americans, or anyone who understood the sign, came across an ‘inutshuk’ they would readily know that this was a safe area, or that it was safe to pass this way. We were also told that different variations of the rock formation may mean different things; such as good fishing, a memorial marker, or an abode of the spirits. Whatever the meaning, an ‘inutshuk’ was placed to give some sort of notice to others.

I noticed on every picture or portrayal of these fantastic structures there was never a signature. The person(s) making the large stone monuments didn’t take credit for what they had done.

Great leaders place ‘inutshuks’. They often, with their team, blaze a trail, make new discoveries, lead the way; are innovative. Some take it as an opportunity to take credit and increase their resume. But great leaders let others know of safe passage, or treacherous territory.

Great leaders pave the way for others to follow. And are more concerned for those that follow than leaving a signature.

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