The Leader’s Perspective

DSN9164-2-MI saw an interesting video that had a neat challenge in it. The instructions were simple but the results a little startling. All you need to do is put your arms up with elbows bent at 90 degrees, palms open and facing forward. With your eyes open but continually looking forward, not able to see your hands; first touch your right index finger to your nose and then return your hand to the previous position. Then touch your index finger to the tip of your thumb on your left hand, and then return. Touch your nose again, return the rest position and then touch the tip of your index finger on the left hand. Continue this, alternating touching your nose and your fingers, until you have touched each finger on your left hand with the index finger on your right.

Now try the same exercise with your eyes closed.

Why is it with your eyes open you are able to touch each finger, but with your eyes closed you come pretty close, but usually miss the tips, often missing the entire hand? It’s a funny feeling. But apparently, with your eyes open, even though you can’t see your hands you’re still able to have a perspective of spatial awareness. So, even though your hands are out of sight, the awareness of where your hands are is more readily identified because of your perspective of the area surrounding you.

With your eyes closed your spatial awareness is limited and the task becomes more challenging; almost impossible.

Great leaders lead with their eyes open.

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