Nice Example

DSN9158-2-LWriter Dave Barry has said, “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.”

This past week I had the experience of working with two “bosses” from different companies. One boss was a sincerely nice person. They were kind, considerate and a careful listener to me in every conversation. I also noticed that when other were talking with her they were similarly treated. It was obvious she was a nice person, from me, to her staff, to the hotel staff; everyone I saw her interact with.

On the other hand I also worked with another person. This person was very nice to me, exhibiting the same qualities as mentioned concerning the previous “boss”. However, what I noticed about this person was their dealings with others “under” his authority. To them he was belligerent, intimidating, and demanding. It made me uncomfortable to work with him, even to be around him, and very sorry for those who worked for him; those he treated so rudely and abruptly.

I believe this to be true – leaders don’t have to be nice, but great leaders, effective leaders, are nice people.

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