Little Behaviors, Big Lessons

DSN9158-2-LHow does leadership show itself in small things?

It’s a funny feeling when you go up to a door that obviously says “Push” on it and it doesn’t open. You step back and read it again and then check to see if you can find a lock. Someone behind then says, “Pull.” You do, and the door opens. In that quick second when you pull the door open you notice the word “Push” was printed backwards – it was for people on the other side of the door. On your side the word “Pull” was printed on the door handle.

It’s kind of like the feeling when you approach an automatic door and almost walk into the stationary glass because the sliding part went from right to left and you approached the door as if it were left to right.

Spending quite a bit of time in airports I often find myself at a sink with my hands under the faucet waiting for the water to start. I move my hands back and forth and nothing. Not suddenly, but I do finally realize it’s a regular faucet with handles, not the airport type with the sensors.

Funny sensations of taking things for granted; the mind quickly processing info although it doesn’t process that it’s backwards; not recognizing handles on faucets or which way a door opens.

Also funny are our reactions…. Why would they put the message on one side of the door on the glass and the other on the handle, it’s their mistake not mine – I was an innocent victim. Why wasn’t the door marked with an arrow showing which way it was to slide – their mistake, not mine. Faucet handles should be clearly marked “hot” and “cold” then I would have noticed – their mistake, not mine. If the sign, “Pull Down, Tear Up” were bigger then I wouldn’t be waiving my hands in front of he paper towel dispenser waiting for them to automatically respond – their mistake, not mine…

These little things reveal leadership. Great leaders have the ability to laugh at themselves, admit their foibles and enjoy being vulnerable with their team.

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