One Cent Lesson

DSN9164-2-MHow much is a penny worth?

Good question. The accompanying question got me thinking, “Is it worth a bend over?”

The implication is astounding in very simple form. Is a penny worth the effort it takes to bend over and pick it up? Some would say yes, others no. Each is right according to the value they place on the penny.

The value of the coin is determined by what the individual is willing to give for it. A young person may quickly bend over without hesitation. A person with back or leg problems may walk past without thought.

The value of anything is not necessarily inherent in the object, but rather is determined by the perspective of those evaluating.

This is an important lesson for leaders. The value of your leadership is not based on your perception of yourself and your contribution; but rather the value of your leadership is determined by those you lead.

It is good to ask questions and learn from the answers.

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