Eyeing Perspectives

DSN9164-2-MThere a little fish that has an amazing ability. The anablep’s eyes are made in such a fashion that it can see above and below the water’s surface at the same time. The pupil in each eye is horizontally divided into two parts, allowing it to see and focus on two perspectives at the same time. It hangs out at the water’s surface and can see above and below the water simultaneously searching for food and watching for danger.

Leaders can learn a valuable lesson from these little South American fishes. Leaders need to see things from multiple perspectives. Too often leaders are only interested in their own opinion. They may give lip service to others, but not serious consideration. After all, they are the leader, it is their job to lead, and others are to follow. What fallacy.

Real leaders listen and seek to understand the voice and reasoning of others. They try to understand perspectives so they can make good decisions that benefit the entire team; organization. They value dissention that it authentic and of integrity. They are not afraid or threatened by others. They have a security as well as a vulnerability because what they do and accomplish is based on team work, not person ego.

Seeing things, understanding things from differing perspectives is a skill for leaders to focus on, practice and demonstrate for future leaders. Great leaders see things from multiple perspectives.

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