Pitching Leadership

DSN9164-2-MI was watching the celebration of the St. Louis Cardinals after they had defeated the Milwaukee Brewers for the National League Pennant. Being a Cardinals fan, I was enjoying watching the comments and joy being displayed. In the interviews with the players and coaches, each one gave credit to others. Any time one person was given an accolade they would pass it on and give credit to other team mates and to the organization. Player after player gave credit to other players, coaches and administrators. Coaches gave credit to players and administrators. Administrators gave credit to the players and coaches. It was clear everyone recognized the victory as an organizational accomplishment.

Leadership is being taught and learned. It starts at the top, but there was one person that displayed responsible leadership. When Tony Larussa was heralded for a great team and great decisions; he immediately turned to his pitching coach; Dave Duncan, (who was not present because of his wife’s illness). As much praise as was given to Mr. Larussa, he was passing it all on to the man he believed was greatly responsible.

Great leaders give credit where credit is due and even more so. If a person truly wants to be a great leader they will learn to make the most of every opportunity. It’s vitally important to recognize the greatness in others and to draw attention to it as much as possible. Great leaders make heroes of others.

Points to Ponder –
Can you name three people you have positively influenced? Can you remember a time when you received accolades for an accomplishment and passed it on to others?

How important is it to share credit with those who give you support? How can you do it better?

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