‘Volving’ Leadership


DSN9164-2-MI saw a movie advertised called, ‘Volver’. I have no idea what it’s about. It got me thinking about the word. When I typed it in the last sentence it was immediately underlined with a red squiggly line meaning it isn’t really a word, or at least an English word recognized by my spell checker. I did come to this conclusion; great leaders are ‘Volvers’. (There’s that line again.)

Great leaders involve others. Leadership is not done solo or in a vacuum. Great leaders include others and make them feel worthwhile. Whatever the effort (project) might be. Great leaders are involvers. They get involved and they motivate involvement.

Great leaders also resolve conflicts. Progress at any costs is not really progress. Resolvers carefully manage and overcome conflict. Relationships are more important than things. Relationships are more important than accomplishments. Leadership can accomplish great things. Great leadership builds relationships while fostering great accomplishments. Great leaders don’t sidestep or avoid conflict, but work headlong to resolve it.

Great leaders evolve. Leadership usually doesn’t just begin, people grow into it. Great leaders are growing leaders. That doesn’t mean that they are growing just their acquisitions or accomplishments, they are growing in their leadership abilities. Great leaders are always evolving into better leaders.

Great leaders have a tremendous ability to dissolve. That doesn’t mean they erode into nothing, but that they are always free in sharing the credit. They never take the limelight without sharing it with others. Great leaders recognize that anything accomplished is a team effort. They are always ready to dissolve into the background and give others credit for success. There is a tremendously destructive power in pride. Dissolving into the background to share successes and giving credit to others is a trait to protect. Always and all ways promote the team.

Great leaders are ‘volvers’; involve, resolve, evolve and dissolve.

Points to Ponder –
How are you are involving, resolving, evolving and dissolving? How is each action important to growing effective leadership?

How does pride hurt leadership and team work?

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