Vulnerable Transparency

DSN9164-2-MThere’s an old card playing phrase I’d not heard for a long time.  I heard it used recently to characterize a leader.  Two people were apparently discussing their leadership and one said to the other, “They sure hold their cards close to their chest. I sure wish I knew what they were thinking.”

There are times when great leaders must practice confidentiality.  But great leaders also share their hearts.  They are open and honest about themselves and the situations around them.  They have a transparency that helps people see and understand their heart.  People understand and know where they stand.  It’s not a forthright telling of opinions but rather an honest and open character who risks vulnerability for the sake of being understood. These leaders aren’t afraid to open up.  They realize that team building and follower building is a matter of the heart, not just the brain.

It may be a fine line, but great leaders learn it and practice transparency.  Great leaders share their hearts, they don’t guard them.

Points to Ponder –

Does the word ‘vulnerability’ excite or scare you?

Are there situations where you are guarding information would directly affect someone?  Is that person unaware of the information you have?  Can you share the information without betraying confidence?

Why do you think some people “play their cards close to their chest”?  List the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

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