Anonymous Sacrifice

DSN9164-2-MA couple of years ago my wife and I were returning to St. Louis from Baltimore.  She had been reading, then she shut her book.  She closed her eyes and put her head on my shoulder.  I love the fact that we are still affectionate after 38 years of married life.  But after having her head on my shoulder for a few minutes it began to hurt.

There’s some long medical term for the problem in my neck.  I’m not sure what it is, but it causes pain in my shoulder and down to my wrists.  The longer her head was on my shoulder the greater the pain.  Although I was increasingly more uncomfortable, I didn’t move or disturb her.  If she actually fell asleep, I knew we’d be landing in less than an hour.  After a few minutes she raised her head and opened her book again, never knowing of my discomfort

Great leaders take pain for those they lead.  Their compassion causes them to care.  Great leaders sacrifice for what and who, they care about.  They put their own comfort behind the needs of others.  If anyone else had put their head on my shoulder, I would have excused myself, explained the pain and repositioned.  But it was my wife.  I’m willing to take the pain as long as necessary for her to be comfortable.

Great leaders are easy to follow.  Their sacrificial attitude makes them easy to follow.  They show their followers they care about them.  It’s not to draw attention to themselves or about the sacrifices they make.  Great leaders sacrifice and keep quiet about it.

Points to Ponder –

Am I willing to make personal sacrifices for my team?

Am I willing to make personal sacrifice for my team members?

Am I willing to make personal sacrifice without anyone knowing of it?

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