Leadership Power

DSN9164-2-MIf you get the chance see the movie, The Last Castle starring Robert Redford and James Gandolfini. It’s an interesting study on leadership.  Gandolfini’s character leads by intimidation and power. Redford’s character leads by respect and value.

One is a Military Prison Commander.  The other, a U.S. Army General convicted of disobeying a direct order.  One holds great power and wields it over everyone, from his staff to the prisoners.  The other treats every man with dignity and respect.  One shows his leadership by constantly being angry wielding threats and violence.  The other shows interest in each individual, appealing to their honor and values.  One wins, but it costs him his life.  The other loses and loses his position.

Here’s the key for me; one leads by power and one leads by empowering. Leadership is not about power, it is about empowering.

I could tell you more, but it can be your own study.  The Last Castle was released in 2001 and its rated R for language and violence.  Although, it seems pretty mild by today’s standards.

Points to Ponder –

Is your leadership the result of position or character?

Think of two leaders: one that leads by position (or power) and another that leads using his/her strength of character. think about how you feel about each one’s leadership.

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