Change Leaders

DSN9164-2-MI was recently given the task of planning a team building activity designed around change. The sponsoring organization had been through changes and they were expecting more change.  Leadership wanted their people to be healed and prepared.  I planned and presented a program that spoke to their situation.  They were grateful for the information and the people responded favorably.

Here are some lessons I learned along the way.  First, change is inevitable.  (Ever heard that before?).  But good leaders change.  Leaders are constantly evaluating and making changes as the need arises.  Leaders make changes but not for change’s sake.  They change for goodness sake (pardon the cliché, but understand how it applies here).  Good leaders facilitate change in an acceptable way that is it understood.   Change is necessary.  Good leaders make it happen with as much ease and comfort as possible.  Change can be seen as positive.  The good leader makes clear the positive nature of any and all changes.

Next, change is inevitable so changing is also inevitable.  That may sound redundant or like double-talk, but it contains truth.  When change occurs good leaders adjust.  They make the most of any situation for themselves and especially for their people.  Good leaders don’t continue to be the same or expect the same from their people.  Rather as change comes, the good leader changes and helps the team to understand and adjust.

Good leaders change according to need and according to their needs.  Good leaders change and change things.

Points to Ponder –

How good are you at accepting and working positively with change?

How well do you prepare others and help them to accept change?

Are you able to produce positive change in others?

Does the word “change” produce positive or negative feelings in you?

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