How’s Your Coachability?

DSN9164-2-MShortly after getting married, I played softball for what may have been the worst softball team in the history of the world!  There were only three of us who had ever played organized ball.  The rest could have been picked last in high school gym class. The team was organized by my brother and his friends just for fun.  That it was!  My brother, after getting a look at the players’ abilities promptly moved to Florida after one practice.

My brother’s good friend was the coach.  What a horrendous responsibility. The bright spot was that we had no false hopes or dreams about being good.  Our goal was to win one game.  But the coach took his job seriously.  He did as good a job as he could with the ‘Worst News Bears’.  Only three of us knew what we were doing, but everyone was having fun.  There were a couple who thought they were really good, but weren’t; they presented the biggest problem for the coach.  Most players laughed and shrugged off their (our) misplaced efforts.  But a couple of guys would get really upset with the errors and get vocal.  They would want to trade positions so they’d have another chance to correct the previous mistakes of others.

The greatest lesson was that the coach was both a coach – and coachable.  Although he was ‘in charge’, he was very willing to take advice.  He really listened to those who had experience playing softball and dealing with people.

This is key for leaders.  They must understand their coaching position.  It is not their job just to get things done.  They must also bring out the best in each of their people, which brings out the best in the team.  They must coach well, but they must be coachable as well.  The good leaders coach and are coachable.

Points to Ponder –

How would you rate your coaching ability?  How would you rate your ‘coachable ability’?

How do you bring out the best in others?  How open are you to letting others bring out the best in you?

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