‘Fit’ Leadership

DSN9164-2-MI recently saw the movie Gladiator on TV.  I’ve seen it before but I like the TV version because it cleans up a lot of the gore.  The movie has some great leadership lessons.  In the movie the main character begins as a leader, then loses it, and then becomes a leader again.

His leadership is not pursued or desired, it is just part of his nature to be followed.  The Gladiator isn’t looking to be a leader, but he takes the lead in his own life.  Others respect him and choose to follow him.  They trust him and maintain allegiance to him.  They follow him out of respect and a desire to be where he is going.

This is an important characteristic of good leaders.  They don’t pursue leadership, but rather rise to it. Their character and passion causes others to commit to them and their cause.  Others choose to follow a good leader; they aren’t forced to do it.

Often, good leaders lead because of the circumstances they find themselves in.  Perhaps it’s a situation where they are called to lead because of their talent, strength, skills, or their passion to make a difference.  To lead convincingly, they must have humility and confidence  They don’t convince others to follow simply because they are confident.  It is because there is a calling, a fulfillment.  They fit the situation or position.  They recognize it’s not all about them; it’s about the things that can be accomplished.

Great leaders understand their ‘fit’ and are humble about it.

Points to Ponder –

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being agree strongly and 5 being disagree strongly; is your leadership the result of choices or fate?

On the same scale rate your response to the statement; “Leaders are born, not made.”

Choose three leaders from your personal experience that support your answers.

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