Leaders Celebrate


DSN9164-2-MIn my current position I use the phrase, “people learn best when they are having fun.”  I really believe when you are enjoying yourself, you open up to many possibilities.  When I am having fun I can easily look at the why and learn lessons from what was going on.  When I associate the lessons learned with a pleasurable experience, it reinforces the learning.

So the best way to turn a negative experience into a positive one, is to learn what lessons we can from it.  Take the negative and learn as much as you can from it.  Then it becomes a positive learning experience.  When you’re able to do that, the negative becomes an opportunity and can be enjoyable.  Not because of the experience itself, but because you will benefit from it another way.  So celebrate!

Good leaders celebrate!  They not only celebrate their own learning and positive direction, but they truly enjoy celebrating the success of others.  A long time ago I received a note of congratulations when I received a job promotion.  The interesting thing is the note came from the supervisor I would be leaving when I took the promotion.  I had a great friendship with this ‘boss’ and I’d miss him.  I worked hard for him.  He’d shown appreciation all along the way.  But when opportunity presented itself to move into another position, I was ready and able.  It meant a different location and a different supervisor.

My move would temporarily put my old supervisor in an awkward position.  He’d have to replace me and my job would be difficult to fill.  But this leader came to me, expressed appreciation for our time together and congratulated me on my success.  He gave me a congratulatory card with some heart-felt words that let me know he was proud of my growth and sincerely happy for me.

He was always like that, he celebrated with his team.  There were times we met business goals, reached quotas, or simply had good results.  He celebrated with us.  He was aware of our personal lives and celebrated the birth of children, anniversaries and our accomplishments.  Whatever we might celebrate, he noticed and he cared.

What a good and effective leader!  Good leaders celebrate with their people.  Good leaders make it fun. Good leaders get the party started.

Points to Ponder –

Do I celebrate? Do I celebrate with others?  Does my envy of others and their successes keep me from joyously celebrating with them?

Am I able to learn from negative situations and celebrate the experience?

Am I able to help others learn from negative situations and help them celebrate the potential?


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