Avoid Joysuckers!

DSN9164-2-MI heard a word a few years back, I’m not sure where or when, but I’ve used it ever since.  ‘Joysucker’  It describes those types of people who are not easy to be around.  They are constantly complaining and unloading on everyone.  These types of people rarely have a good time unless they are complaining or criticizing someone or something.

After five-minute conversation with them, you just want to take a shower and lay down or for a while.  You refrain from asking how they are, because it will be a 60 minute conversation over coffee.  They will tell you exactly how they are in complete drudging detail.  You know this type of person.  You may even be this type of person.

If you go to work and no one in the office asks how you are or they head in different directions; then you may be one of those people.  If you get home from work and no one greets you, even the dog heads out the pet door.  Beware!  You may be one of those people.

Some leaders are ‘joysuckers’.  They take the fun out of the task and make sure others don’t enjoy it either.  They lead because of position.  They feel that as a leader, they must throw their weight around.  Then they make sure everyone they lead is oppressed by their power.  They’re ‘joysuckers’.  They are as close to unbearable to work for as is possible.

Let’s keep it simple – good leaders are not ‘joysuckers’.  (They are ‘joygivers’!)

Points to Ponder –

Ask yourself truthfully.  Am I a ‘joysucker’?  How do you envision others answering that question concerning you?

Think about criticism and encouragement.  Why is one a skill to develop and the other a bad habit?   Why is being critical such an easy trap to fall into?  What action can I take to increase my encouragement skills?

Copyright 2013


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