Push or Pull Leadership

DSN9164-2-MI was working outside the other day and my extension cord got quite tangled.

I was stretching it out to rewind it when I was asked, “Hey, why are you dragging that cord down the driveway?”

My response was simply, “Ever try to push one?”

That’s a good lesson in leadership.  Leadership is more about pulling people than pushing them.  Eisenhower demonstrated leadership with a piece of string; pull it and it will follow you anywhere, push it and it becomes a mess.

By pulling I don’t mean dragging but rather developing motivation in others so they follow willingly.  If people are scared into ‘followship’, they will only follow as long as they are scared.  If they are reassured into ‘followship’ they will trust the leader until proven otherwise.  If trust and credibility are established and reaffirmed, then the follower will trust the leader and anticipate a favorable outcome. The follower hasn’t learned just to follow, she/he has learned about leadership.

Points to Ponder –

Is there a difference between how I evaluate my leadership skills and how others would evaluate my leadership skills?

Am I an encouraging puller or a disheartening pusher?

Copyright 2013

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One Response to Push or Pull Leadership

  1. Dave Lashman says:

    As one who has led and managed others, your people are the most valuable resource that you have. Some of them are stronger in some areas and others are weaker in other areas and like everyone we all have our own unique talents and skills, so it’s a leaders job to identify those strengths, weaknesses, talents and skills and “pull” them along and achieve the goals of not only what you have to do as a leader, but to achieve the goals together as a TEAM.

    In my humble opinion or IMHO….there is no other way to do this. Treat your people like gold and the dividends are endless as a result.

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