Sting Leadership

DSN9164-2-MThe movie,The Sting” was on TV the other night.  I remember the first time I saw it in the theater when I was dating my wife – a long time ago. We got to the show early and before the movie had ended.  We watched the ending of The Sting before we saw the beginning.  It made seeing the whole movie really interesting because we knew what was coming.  We were clued into the twist.

Seeing a movie like The Sting” is fun.  It’s the little things that happen along the way that you may not catch until it’s all revealed at the end.  I like Alfred Hitchcock movies for the same reason.  You get entwined in the story but things aren’t necessarily what they seem.  It’s great to see if you can see it coming but knowing the twist ahead of time is also fun.  It makes you more alert to the clues throughout.

Leaders have the ability to see ahead with clarity. They have a purpose and a plan.  They are able to communicate clearly so others can catch the vision.  It isn’t their vision or their purpose.  They have developed a vision of where the team needs to be and ascertained the reason why.  A great asset for a leader is to selflessly see the end from the beginning.  Then to describe the vision to their team, so everyone gets on board.

Points to Ponder –

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best):

– How do I rate when it comes to letting team members know the reason or purpose for an activity?

– How well do I communicate the importance of the end product?

– Where do I rate myself when it comes to asking others for clarity and how well do I ask if others need clarity?

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