The Leadership Trickle

DSN9164-2-MI’m at the Southwest counter checking in for my flight.  A program was cancelled yesterday so I had to ask how to change, or cancel that flight next week.  Cynthia was outrageously helpful.  First, she told me how I could make changes so I didn’t incur any change fees.  She also explained how to apply the cancelled flight funds to another flight.  Then Cynthia went out of her way.  She cancelled the flight and booked another flight I hadn’t had time to book myself. She was very helpful and very friendly.

Southwest has great leadership that trickles down. Cynthia was hired for some reason.  I guess that Southwest works to hire the ‘right people.  She has the personality, character and a demeanor that makes her great for working with the public. I suspect Southwest has a good training program that gives employees the technical skills to accomplish the tasks.  It also enhances their people skills, so they work effectively and efficiently with their customers.

This trickle down training encourages wonderful people like Cynthia to exhibit personal leadership through the jungle of internet bookings and last-minute changes.  Is Southwest a great airlines?  Yes.  More accurately, Southwest hires and trains great people.  This makes Southwest a pleasure for airline travelers.

Points to Ponder…

Am I helpful to other people?  Do I go out of my way to do everything I can to help?  Or do I do as little as possible with a big smile?

Do I have a positive attitude so that my leadership abilities trickle?

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