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Pride and Joy

Dave is a janitor in a large school district in Southern California.  He’s an amazing man.  He met me at the high school auditorium and asked if I needed any help.  I travel all over the U.S. teaching about leadership, … Continue reading

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Unflappable Self-Leadership

I was recently on a Southwest Airlines flight and saw a remarkable incident.  In the row in front of me, seated in the aisle seat, was a man who apparently wasn’t having a great day.  He complained that Southwest didn’t … Continue reading

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The Leadership Trickle

I’m at the Southwest counter checking in for my flight.  A program was cancelled yesterday so I had to ask how to change, or cancel that flight next week.  Cynthia was outrageously helpful.  First, she told me how I could … Continue reading

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Following Directions

I was in the shoe department and my wife called.  She asked where I was.  I told her.  She replied that she’d just left there.  But maybe there are two shoe departments?  She asked what floor I’m on.  The middle … Continue reading

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