DSN9164-2-MI saw some children playing that old game, Follow the Leader.  What an interesting, insightful game!  Some of the leaders were taking their followers up and down slides, onto playground equipment, around the ball diamond, then back to the playground.  Others were trying to trick their followers by attempting dangerous feats, or trying to move so fast that the followers couldn’t keep up.  There was a visible difference in the kids’ attitudes depending on the leader they were trying to follow.   

Lots of lessons here.  The children were given the task to follow and they did.  It was clear to see some of the leaders were a joy to follow, while others created dread and disappointment.  Part of great leadership is having people choose to follow willingly.  They enjoy the journey because of the leader. Those who are forced to follow can end up regretting the effort. 

Points to Ponder-

Is there a difference between how I see my leadership and how others see it? 

Do I have people following me because they choose to or because they have to? 

Do I take unnecessary risks that make it difficult for others who follow me?

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