A New Word for Leadership?

DSN9164-2-MI read that about 10,000 new words get added to the dictionary each year.  We need to come up with a new word for leadership.  I’ve heard it defined as simple as leadership is influence.  But there are lengthy descriptions. 

One I like is that leadership is defined not by the leader, but by the followers.  The problem is there needs to be a better word to describe great leadership.  Just an understanding that the word leadership “influences” doesn’t mean it’s good or credible.  OR (The word leadership doesn’t infer it’s influence is good or bad (positive or negative).  Many leaders have followers, that makes them leaders – in a sense. It doesn’t address being responsible, or whether that leader even deserves followers.  It just says leaders have followers.  

Maybe a new word could mean good, credible, deserving leadership, without using so many words.  Maybe we should learn to use the word leadership in a more responsible way- so that good is implied by the usage of the word.  Then negative leadership could be renamed. Language is an interesting thing.  So is leadership – good or bad.

(I’m thinking of adding action steps at the end of each LeadersBridge blog. I’ll try it here, tell me what you think…)

Points to Ponder…                                                                                                                        Do I deserve to have others to follow me?  

Do others follow me because they want to or does my personality demand it? 

Would others rate me highly as a good, credible, deserving leader?

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2 Responses to A New Word for Leadership?

  1. I like the “Points to Ponder.” Excellent way to provoke thought on your ideas. Thanks…

  2. Craig Fyfe says:

    How about, do others follow me because they want to due to my great leadership ability, or because they have to due to my position and ability to affect their career/pay?

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