Leadership Humor

DSN9164-2-MI was on a flight the other day and the captain was wearing a Speedo.  I didn’t see him, but that’s what the flight attendant said.  “When fastening your seat belt make sure it is tight and low across your hips like the Speedo the captain is wearing,” to be exact. 

That little bit of humor endeared me to the flight attendant.  She’d taken a rather mundane, repetitious announcement and given us a brief smile.  Her light-hearted and friendly safety announcement had several humorous additives.  The way she did it was fun, but it also got the point across.  There was something in her voice that was amusing, but also revealed she was in control.  In the case of an emergency, I think she’d developed enough rapport with us so we would have been comfortable following her instructions. 

As we got ready to deplane, she dismissed us with a reminder to be good to one another. I sat back.  How sad we have to be reminded.  How important that we were reminded. 

As I left I shook her hand and thanked her, she taught me another lesson in leadership. Good natured humor builds relationships and gentle reminders are very important.

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2 Responses to Leadership Humor

  1. Excellent advice Craig. Thanks!

  2. Craig Fyfe says:

    Southwest? On my Southwest flight in December the flight attendant did all the safety instructions via “The Night Before Christmas” and even sang to us the “exit instructions”. She cheered me up and I hugged her on the way out…I turned around and everyone behind me, row 20 something, was hugging her also.

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