A Leader’s Reflection

DSN9164-2-MI hate mirrors. They show me exactly what I look like. I wish they’d lie a little. I was in a hotel room recently that had a magnifying mirror. I came close to deciding to never leave that room, or to being seen ever again.  What a humiliating experience.  It’s bad enough to see my own reflection, but to see it magnified is just plain cruel. 

But really, in a way, it’s a leader’s responsibility to constantly reflect, to examine things closely and take responsibility for direction.  Leaders must be thoughtful in planning and execution and willing to evaluate to make sure it is “right”. 

A good mirror is one that reflects the soul.  It even magnifies so one can look intently, to see the flaws then correct the mistakes.  Too often leaders are just marching forward, accomplishing the task.  Its full speed ahead, we can count the bodies left in the wake later. When we reach the top of the mountain, then we can look back and see who didn’t make it.  Our causalities don’t really matter, some of us made it.  I’m not sure that is true leadership.  Maybe just manipulation? 

Real leadership looks forward, and looks back.  Not in a historical perspective but rather in reflection.  Real leaders see what’s inside.  Great leadership is a matter of the heart and it gets straight to the heart of the matter.

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