Customer Service is Customer Serving

DSN9164-2-MThe other day I needed to do a presentation for a group. The subject was, “3 Keys to Becoming the Right Person”. As I prepared the address I had an idea; how about giving each of the people a hotel room key and a marker pen so they could write the three main points on the plastic key?  Easy Idea.  But could I get the material?

First I went to the hotel desk. My thought was that maybe those keys wear out and they would have some they were throwing away, but I needed thirty! All I could do was ask. The hotel desk people were fantastic. They cringed a little.  I understood.  But then the clerk promptly counted out thirty keys, rubber banded them together and handed them to me.

Then, I went into their little convenience shop.  They had one pen that would work, and it was $2.20 (too much!).  One of the desk people who had heard about my idea brought me 30 markers from their store room and said they would sell them to me at a greatly reduced rate. 

She asked how long I would be staying at the hotel .When I told her I was leaving to return to St. Louis later that day; she gave me the shuttle schedule and offered to reserve me a seat. That afternoon, I ran late and once again she came to my rescue and called me a taxi.  It was no problem, she said.   

Customer service? You bet! These people had learned well.  They were given authority to make decisions and the responsibility to carry them out.  Two lessons I learned from the experience- First, they had been given the responsibility to serve the customer, along with the authority to make decisions in the moment to make a positive difference. Next, whoever trained them did a great job preparing them to serve the customer with confidence and pride for their institution. 

Professional leadership– the people were trained to be a service to the customer. Personal leadership- the service people exercised responsibility with authority. Another great Hilton experience.

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  1. Wow your title got me and the post was awesome!

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