Passion, Enthusiam and Leadership

I was getting in a taxi to head for the airport in Dallas when a man asked if he could share the cab. “No problem, I’d love to have the company,” I replied. He got in and we exchanged introductions and business cards. 

He’s a soccer coach for Hartford University and was in Dallas for a youth soccer program. From there he was headed to Portugal to help their national team prepare for the World Cup matches. After a week in Portugal he was going to Germany.  He would travel on to Ireland to recruit for the Portugal team. He would then travel on Portugal and finally back to Connecticut by the end of the month. He was very interesting and well-traveled! 

He was passionate about soccer. But he was also interested in me. He does a fair amount of speaking on soccer and was interested in my thoughts on public speaking. We had a great conversation. He’s never had any formal training in presentation skills. But he never has any trouble with speaking publicly because he loves talking about soccer.  When I told him his passion and excitement probably made up for any challenges he might have in his presentations, he was amazed.  We talked about his passion and skills.  I didn’t try to sell him anything. 

When we parted he asked me to contact him. With his schedule over the next week he was afraid I’d get overlooked, so he put the responsibility on me.  I didn’t mind. 

His passion and enthusiasm for soccer and a desire to learn presentation skills to augment that passion; make him an ideal candidate for leadership development.

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